Case study: Styling the stylist, a redesign of Eco-Stylist

The Challenge

This project was about building a clickable mid-fidelity web application within a two-week timeline using Agile methodologies, UX fundamentals, design thinking, usability testing and Axure.

What I Did:

Technically, my assignment was the Interaction Lead for the prototype in Axure but the reality was, roll up your sleeves and do a little bit of everything! Luckily, with my background in operations for a small company, that attitude is very much ingrained in me.

Competitive Analysis

We began our research by looking at companies that provide similar services in terms of e-commerce and styling. Outside of individual brands that tackle sustainability we saw Stitch Fix and Trunk Club as the biggest competitors worth exploring more. We looked at what they offer, how, pricing and compared to Eco-Stylist. Here’s what we found:

Competitive Analysis Chart

Identifying Users

Although Eco-Stylist has positioned itself for men, we didn’t limit our user’s to only men. We sent out screener surveys and conducted 13 user interviews of men and women aged 24–42. We synthesized our interviews in an affinity map uncovering a number of insights about user’s experiences shopping online and sustainability knowledge.

  • Users don’t want to spend a lot of time shopping
  • Connection between quality/fit and new brand confidence
  • Salary not necessarily a factor in spending more money on clothing
Meet Leonard!

Understanding The Problem


MoSCow Method

Paper prototype’s

Usability Testing

We conducted 6 user tests on our prototype in order to assess the flow and overall usability of our site.​ This was my first time testing something I had helped build and it was thrilling to observe.

Axure Demo

Please keep Leonard in mind when viewing. Think about how you are trying to be more conscious about sustainability and educate yourself to make more informed purchases. And then — click, purchase, done!

Next Steps & Lessons Learned

Through our research we learned a lot about what users expected out of Eco-Stylist, but unfortunately were unable to address all of those expectations due to time, group dynamics and admittedly, allowing perceived business constraints stifle our creativity a little.



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